Saturday, May 04, 2013

moleskine hack

I love my Moleskine, but I don't love it's lack of a pen holder. And and my favorite Stabilo pens don't have a clip on them, which complicates things a little. Inspired by several great Moleskine hacks here, I made a fabric sleeve for my pen today. Here's how:

1) Cut a strip of fabric 2-inches wide by an inch longer than your notebook (instructions are for the 8.25-inch size).
2) Sew a thin rolled hem about an inch long, around 7-inches from the bottom of your notebook.
3) Cut two pieces of 1/4 inch elastic (or narrower) ~5-inches long (this will vary with different elastic) and pin them to the end that's furthest from your rolled hem. Position them with one edge at 1/4-inch from the raw edge and the other edge at 1-inch (the half-way mark of the fabric width).

4) Fold the whole ensamble right sides together lengthwise with elastic on the inside, and sew from the folded edge with the elastic to the rolled hem. Use 1/4-inch seam allowance and sew over the elastic end several times to make it sturdy.
5) Turn the tube right side out (I use a chopstick) and trim the opposite end to 1/4-inch beyond the length of your notebook.

6) Pin ends of elastic to the raw end of the sleeve as you did in step 3.

Fold the right sides together again and sew from the folded corner to the rolled hem. Don't forget to sew over the end with the elastic several times to make it sturdy.

7) Roll it right-side out and slide it onto your notebook.

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